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Hybrid Translation

Sprawk brings together machine translation and professional translators to get you started quickly. Your most important content is translated by professionals - the rest is automatic, giving you the best quality-to-cost possible.

When approved translations are not available, results from Google and Bing are evaluated and then your customised rules, terminology and style formatting are applied.

Multi-character Support

Sprawk supports all major character sets including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew. Sprawk will intelligently adjust your website layout to support right-to-left writing.

Search Engine Optimizing

Sprawk intelligently converts your HTML content to maximise search engine rankings. By default, your pages’ META description and keywords will be translated but can be easily overridden on a per-page basis.

The domain is switched with the language code The path is translated automatically

Transparent Branding

Sprawk's service is invisible to your visitors. No ugly logos are visible unlike existing services. Only your domain name is visible in the browser.


Sprawk supports the new HTML5 translate attribute for disabling translation for specific elements of content.

SVG (and XML) translation

Sprawk supports the SVG file format used to add vector graphics to web pages. Any text is automatically detected and translated, matching the original layout as closely as possible.

Export your data

You can download your data (both translation memories and glossaries) in TMX and TBX format at any time.

Translated websites are cached after each update and you can also export a complete copy of your site in each translated language and download a ZIP files with all content for offline viewing or host as static content.

Fixed Low Costs

Sprawk subscriptions are available for different sizes of websites, and the cost of a subscription is based on the number of languages supported. There are no additional charges for the volume or number of visits each month.

Sprawk lets you set a fixed monthly budget for professional translations. The most important missing translations are automatically assigned to the best translator.

For example, adding three languages to your site with 100 pages costs $299 per month, including 500 words of professional translation.

Smart Translation

Sprawk takes your current website and creates a new version for each language you want to add. Sprawk adjusts the HTML markup so that images, forms and even interactive AJAX responses can be translated correctly.

HTML classes are preserved and your existing style sheets just work. Sprawk lets you choose dialect, word choice, date and number formatting and can even reorder lists to maintain alphabetical order.

E-Commerce and Cookies

Sprawk understands sessions and cookies. The translation proxy will pass through data to maintain the session so that your existing shopping cart and payment solutions will still work.

Our smart caching will automatically skip any results containing private information, while caching public pages to guarantee fast response times.

Total control

Sprawk allows you to control all aspects of the translation process, by simply adding extra classes into your existing HTML.

You can, for example, disable translation of certain blocks of text, control the position of the language switcher.

High performance

Sprawk's servers run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and automatically scale up as system load increases. By using advanced caching, your translated web pages are delivered at lightning speed.

Analytics support

Sprawk is compatible with services like Google Analytics, allowing you to track visitors, evaluate promotions and campaigns just like your current site.

Our built-in tracking also provides instant trend data on which languages are most requested and on which pages.


Sprawk is a hosted solution with automatic management and performance monitoring. Sprawk makes customization simple, plus every account gets amazing 24x7x365 support.

Latest features

Authentication support

Sprawk can automatically translate secure pages on your site using basic authentication or cookies. Secure content is automatically excluded from cache so sensitive content is safe from prying eyes.

Currency conversion

If your site includes prices of any type, this feature lets you choose which currencies to display to visitors from different regions. You specify the exchange rate and Sprawk will automatically detect and convert prices during the translation process.

Measurement conversion

This features adds the ability to detect measures in feet, pounds or Fahrenheit and convert them to meters, kilograms or centigrade.

The number of significant digits is maintained Accuracy is preserved and decimal styles are converted automatically


Language detection

Our huge linguistic database is able to detect incorrect or uncommon spellings and make recommendations in almost any language. The interface lets you set the language (if you know it), otherwise it can automatically detect it.

Dictionary definitions

Our database extends the Princeton University WordNet database, with over 115,000 dictionary definitions in English. We have linked in the correct words in over 20 languages, and are also translating the definitions into French and German.

Word-by-word translation

The interface allows you to request a translation for a word or short phrase. The system will return a list of choices ordered by most likely with extra information such as context and frequency.


Changes the capitalization of input text based on language style rules - supports over 20 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian and more.

All APIs are available via Mashape